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This is the beginning...


Please bear with me…

I have never really started a blog before and I am still unsure how long it will be kept up. The main reason that I want to start this, however, is to learn more about the web and all the fun things that I do not generally get to work with. Starting with this blog and utilizing SSR (Server-Side-Rendering) and the Gatsby framework.

Goals of this blog:

  • Learn how to use and setup Gatsby for blogging purposes
  • Implement a cms for creating and storing blog posts (currently looking at Primsic Contentful)
  • Update all of the styling from default starter CSS to a more custom one
  • (2/12) Attempt to become a better writer by writing a minimum of 1 post per month
  • Create posts for relatively common tasks to both remember and link for coworkers
  • Utilize a project management tool to keep tasks in check
  • Learn about SEO and how SSR affects it so that my blog will show up in searches
  • Implements comments and authentication system
  • Keep the list up to date…and create smaller lists :)

Ending Notes

This blog will likely start as a mishmash of ideas and concepts but as it goes on we should have a more focused plan on where it will go. There will likely be quite a bit of Salesforce development posts. As my day-to-day job is a Salesforce Developer but as I said above and by looking at my goals I would like to expand this to anything I find interesting in the world of Development.

Drew Casebeer
Written by Drew Casebeer